FAQs + Commonly Asked Questions

What is Model M. made of?
Fashion-Flex—a proprietary polymer—is a hybrid EVA-closed cell material. EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate, but there is more to Model M. than just this. Our process is proprietary, which makes Fashion-Flex so great for your #greatbag.

What is EVA?
EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate and is a cross-linkable and -expandable material based on polyolefin. It’s also commonly known as “blown EVA.”

Is silicone used in making the bag?
No silicone is used—in fact, there are no other chemicals used to produce Model M. except for Fashion-Flex.

Is Fashion-Flex safe?
Fashion-Flex is lead- and phthalates-free. As mentioned before, no silicone is used in our manufacturing processes.

Is Fashion-Flex recyclable?
Fashion-Flex is recyclable, but not bio-degradable.

What is the carbon footprint for Model M. production?
Extremely low. Immediately from Fashion-Flex pellet to final sculpture, Great Bag Co. fabricates Model M. with an extremely low carbon footprint--lower than any other handbag in the accessories industry. A study is currently being done where we can later share an exact measurement.

Will Model M. melt if I leave it in the sun at the beach or in my car?
Model M. will not melt if left in the sun or in the car. However, she may soften while in the heat. But definitely not damage. It would take a source of direct heat in order to deform or damage the bag. For example, if you were to take a hair dryer and blow the hot air directly on the bag at the same spot for a prolonged time.

What about fading? Will Model M. fade if I leave it in the sun?
Model M. will not fade, no. Like you, we love vivid color too much.

How much does the bag weigh?
1.40 lb. or .64 kg., if you're into the metric system.

What can I clean my bag with?
Not only is Model M. versatile in utility, but she's versatile in maintenance. Use window cleaner, anti-germ towelettes, or even baby wipes to have it glimmer.

How does Great Bag Co. shipping work?
All shipping within the Continental United States of America & Canada is 100% FREE. Model M. will arrive at your doorstep in approximately 10-14 business days from date-of-order.

Can I track my package?
YES. You will receive an email confirmation from Great Bag Co. with package tracking # as soon as your order has been fulfilled and is en-route.

What if I live outside the Continental United States of America?
We wish everyone, everywhere could swing Great Bag Co. Please contact support@greatbag.co and we will work with you to price the very best shipping options.

My email hasn't been answered and it's been forever since I sent it. What's the hold-up?
We're sorry about that. But let's be sure you sent it to the correct email. Double-check your email outbox. Did you send a note to hello@greatbag.co or support@greatbag.co? If yes, then there's the issue. Say hello@greatbag.co. No M. Our .co extension is modern, just like Model M. If you sent your note to the correct email, but haven't received correspondence, we’re probably swamped. But we will respond. Give us another shout and one of our happy helpers will resolve your issue.

What data are you collecting when I visit www.greatbag.co?
Nothing but your cookies. Your web browser's Internet cookies, that is.

What data will you collect if I purchase Model M.?
All we collect is your name, billing address, shipping address, and credit card information. We also want to record your phone number. But we won't call you, though, or share any of your information with third parties.


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